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[ little kids are just being dropped into luceti all over the place.

this one is dumped near the grocery store. a little blond boy with flippy hair, a schoolboy's outfit, and large green eyes. he has no idea where he is or even what is going on.

but hey, they gave him this book, something like a journal, and barnaby is a bright little genius kid even as a babby so the first thing he does is plop down in front of the building and give it a read. he's a smart cookie so it isn't long before he's able to surmise exactly what this book can do, what it's capable of, what it's for. it takes a little more fiddling for him to figure out how it functions, but soon enough you'll see this cute little kid in your journals okay. ]

Um, excuse me! I'm sorry to be a bother, but I'm not sure where I am.. has anyone seen my parents? Barnaby and Emily Brooks - it's Christmas Eve, I really ought to get back, before they get upset with me..

[ ooc: OKAY GUYS I AM GOING TO WORK i will reply to tags when i get home!! feel free to find him in front of the grocery or answer his video either is fine, also replies will be from the journal [personal profile] babybatman OKAY BE BACK LATER. ♥ ]
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I don't suppose that anyone has managed to retain any memories concerning the weekend? Or was everyone affected?

[ his voice is clipped; this entry is short and sweet. .. yeah this is a sensitive subject. ]

Tampering with someone's memory is unforgivable.
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[ MORE FOURTH WALL MADNESS. another catch-all post right here!

barnaby will be around in the plaza attempting to do some shopping seriously where did all of these people come from.. he'll probably give up eventually and head home to hide.

reyson is curious but cautious, so he'll be hanging around on the outskirts of town, also around the forests, attempting to get a look at all these weirdos but not too willing to dive into them.

vincent will be the only one who appears to be nonplussed by all of this madness. you can catch him around town, or on the paths, or getting a bite to eat, or creepering around on people, or even asleep in strange places. ]
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[ .. so anyone nearish to the barrier on the north side of town (and, honestly, anyone within probably a mile radius), please don't be alarmed by the very loud crashing sounds, and spikes of bright blue light flashing against the trees.

that's just barnaby going crazy.

his hundred power is activated, limning his body in a bright blue blaze, and man this kid is seriously tearing out all of the stops on this, all but slamming himself against the impenetrable force field again and again and again. he's kicking out wildly, launching himself into it with the full strength of his hundred power, and of course the barrier stands, unshaken and unmoved. and he knows that there's no point to this, that the barrier will hold and there's nothing that he can do to break it down, but dammit that won't keep him from taking out his frustrations on it. ]


[ he leaps high and slams his shoulder into it again, bouncing back and flipping backward, landing on his feet and sliding back with enough force to kick up the earth and grass beneath the snow -- but then he's at it again, churning up the ground, bouncing back and forth and shouting, low and guttural, through clenched teeth. he's tousled and bruised, scuffed and in a general state of disarray but man he is way too pissed to even care. ]

[ ooc; yeah backdated to .. basically right after this! ]
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[ well. this time of year is pretty tough for barnaby. and by 'pretty tough' i mean 'basically entirely awful'. the past few years had been a bit better than usual -- he'd been distracted by ouroboros, and becoming a hero, and no doubt kotetsu's influence had been a factor not that he'd ever admit it, but now?

he has a lot to think about.



[ an hour or so later he's tucked back into his apartment, the journal open on his bed as he rests his chin in one hand, and swirls a tall glass of rosé wine in the other. ]

I don't suppose there's much of a night-life here, is there?
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➣ You will be eaten by coyotes.
➣ Face facts, you are a hilarious drunk.
➣ Tell that person you love them. You know who we're talking about. Wait! No, not him! Stop you fool!
➣ While you were away from home, a stranger showered in your bathroom.


[ yeah so after kicking some spider ass (and saving his partner from certain, unsavory death), barnaby's back out for the day, not wasting any time, and heading off toward the battle dome. it's a decent walk from community housing 1, but hey, he could use a nice relaxing walk after all that. uh. spider action..

too bad he never makes it to the dome. because yeah, those woods all around it? who know they were full of coyotes. ravenous, bloodthirsty, maneating coyotes. and here's barnaby without his powers, because he just wasted them rescuing his partner. so by the time he stumbles out of the woods and onto the path again .. he's kind of in bad shape. you know, bleeding, torn, bruised, bitten, his left arm hanging limp and useless.

today is kind of a bad day. ]


[ maybe it was the spiders. maybe the coyotes. who knows. but barnaby is compelled to drink. and drink. and drink.

so you can find him at any number of bars, complete with bandages and sling, getting drunk and laughing and smiling and generally being goofy and stumbling and being not at all himself. that little voice in the back of his head is pleading with him to stop this madness but it's somehow completely dwarfed by the irresistible urge to just keep drinking. his poor liver.

anyway by sunday night he's. really pretty awful. someone please force him to go home. ]

[ ooc; lmao SO YEAH feel free to stumble upon him any time. after being eaten by wild coyotes, sometime in a bar, or on the street between bars, or wherever. or if you, you know, want to be the stranger in his shower GO FOR IT this is all cool.

also he'll be completely unavailable from sunday night until like .. wednesday. recovering. so unless you beat his door down he'll be pretty much out of commission lmao. ]

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[ it smells like dirt.

barnaby isn't particularly fond of dirt. or grass. or nature. oh sure, it can be nice to take a stroll in the park, or even maybe, i dunno, have a picnic out in a meadow or something, but other than that he's not much of an outdoor guy. trees and forests, what do. he is not okay with this.

but more importantly, this ache at his back. what the f- oh. what. wait what. wings? violently pink wings, at that? and they function? what is going on, and where are his clothe-- oh, they're right there, folded nearly in the grass beside him, augh if there are grass stains on his good leather jacket he might cut a bitch. also this book, that looks like a journal. this is all pretty bizarre and very suspicious, and immediately barnaby's mind is filled with thoughts of kidnapping and NEXT and conspiracy theories, but it just doesn't seem right. the last thing he remembers is sternbild, maverick, the androids .. well, not that barnaby's memory is really anything to rely on, but it just doesn't feel right.

but since barnaby doesn't function on feelings he needs to figure something out. this book will probably help. it doesn't take him long to figure out just how this thing works; it's a network, of sorts, only written by hand, which is really strange and raises even more questions, but it's all he has to go on. but first he's going to .. put his actual pants and belt and boots back on, and frown around at all these trees, and he doesn't mind tearing holes in his black tee shirt to accommodate the wings but no way is he maiming his precious jacket. so he just slings it over his arm and talks at this journal thing while walking toward wherever the trees seem thinnest. ]


Excuse me, but could someone direct me to a tailor?

[ or a town. PRIORITIES. ]

[ ooc; he's actually right on the edge of town somewhere nearish/behind the grocery store so IF YOU WANT TO FIND HIM WANDERING THAT IS COOL and hello luceti be gentle with me. o7 ]


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