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[ MORE FOURTH WALL MADNESS. another catch-all post right here!

barnaby will be around in the plaza attempting to do some shopping seriously where did all of these people come from.. he'll probably give up eventually and head home to hide.

reyson is curious but cautious, so he'll be hanging around on the outskirts of town, also around the forests, attempting to get a look at all these weirdos but not too willing to dive into them.

vincent will be the only one who appears to be nonplussed by all of this madness. you can catch him around town, or on the paths, or getting a bite to eat, or creepering around on people, or even asleep in strange places. ]
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Gosh, I dunno, who could this be for.

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[Are you really asleep at your table at the bakery, Vincent? Because a little girl is coming really close to stare you in the face...]
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oh oh reyson right, got it

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[ well at least his face isn't in the half-finished slice of cake on his plate.

but he's totally out


still. ]
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>(!! the sad thing is that lily could go well with anyone

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Bandersnatch, he's sleeping again.

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lmf it's so true. precious little psycho.

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vincent cracks open one eye, stares blearily, then sloooowly sits up. he's always kind of groggy when he comes out of these things just give him a sec-- ]
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this is lily through and through.

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Ahhhh, he woke up! Bandersnatch, this is all your fault, I told you to be quiet!
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she and babby vincent need to get together.

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[ vincent yaaaawns and stretches, entirely nonplussed by this whole falling-asleep-in-a-bakery thing. ]

Young girls shouldn't-

[ wait a minute; the fog is clearing. ]

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stop cutting up the dolls, vincent!!!

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You were snoring.
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I most certainly was not.

[ gentlemen do not snore. ]
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[and you are no gentleman, Vincent.]

You were! I heard it!
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[ oh pish post even psych killers can be gentlemen!! ]

It's not nice for little girls to tell lies .. you wouldn't want to be punished for it, would you?
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You can't punish me if I'm telling the truth! That means you're the liar!
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But I never snore, so you can't possibly be telling the truth!

[ he's going to tell fang and doug that you're being bad!! ]
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How do you know if you don't snore when you're asleep? Liar! Liar!!

[Fang and Doug always believe her! You'll see!]
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[ askjdsalkf goddamn kids. you're going to rue the day that you were ever born a baskerville because he is going to stab out your eyes over and over and over-- ]
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[ he's getting to his feet now. ]

Because I know everything. Little girls shouldn't speak to their elders in such ways, it's very rude. Didn't anyone ever teach you how to behave?

[ vincent used INFINITE PATIENCE. ]
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[If you knew everything, you could've freed Master Glen. :I]

Well, I think you're lying!

[But more importantly:]

Aren't you going to eat that cake?
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[ he's working on it okay learn some patience. they've already busted a few stones IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

.. and thank god he has an easy route to shift the conversation. ]

This cake? Oh, I'm not sure.. I haven't decided yet.
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[But what are you REALLY busting, Vincent...]

Is it any good?
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[ little girls should mind their own business. ]

Oh, yes. Very.
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Can I have some?
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That could be arranged. If you apologize.
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[It's cold, Vincent. Even if it isn't snowing, it's cold, and there's a tiny kid terribly underdressed (summer things!) standing in the middle of the pathway looking terribly lost.]
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[ and to think, he'd been on his way home and nearly missed this precious little gem. vincent stops short, too surprised to hide is shock. is that-- ]
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[ akjdasd. nostalgia..

vincent steps forward, and drops to a crouch. ]

You must be cold.
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[Young Master, you ran away again, didn't yo— Blink, oh hello, eye level.]

Um, just a little, sir.
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If you come with me, I can get you something warm to drink.
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[Gosh, this is such a smiley man!! But look at how responsible he's being!]

I-I'm afraid I can't. I'm looking for someone, sir.
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Oh? [ let me guess.. ] Well you won't do them any good if you stay out here and freeze to death.
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[No, he'd like to go home to the Vessalius estate!!]

No, sir, but a servant has to always look out for their master. He's... [....!] ...have you seen him? His name is—

[pause, it's probably not safe to give that last name, Oz has been kidnapped before.]

Oz. It's Oz, sir.
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[ bingo. vincent rests his arms against his knees, smiling brightly. ]

I know your Master. And where to find him. As luck would have it, he's staying in the same building as I am, and it isn't very far.

[ come into my van little boy i have candy. ]
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[Oh, come now, Vincent, surely you don't expect him to swallow a lie like that? Who knows Oz better than he?

Taking a step back, STRANGER DANGER.]

...the Young Master wouldn't stay with someone he doesn't know.
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What makes you think I don't know the young Master Vessalius? A young boy so charming as he is sure to have many acquaintances.

[ you can totally trust him look how genuine this smile is don't make him pick you up and carry you back ]
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[That's abduction, sir. Except that Gil's not buying it because really, Oz goes everywhere with Gil. YOU CAN'T TRICK HIM, WEIRD MAN.

Taking a few steps back now, looking for an escape...]

I don't think you are one of them. Sir.
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[ do you have a point man this figures, the one time he's actually telling the truth.. ]

No? Then how did I know the name Vessalius? You certainly didn't tell me.

[ vincent shrugs, then straightens up and dusts snow from his knees. ]

But have it your way. Your blonde-haired, green-eyed little master will be very disappointed when he finds out that you chose a slow, icy death rather than take a chance with a kind stranger.

[ 8| ]
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[He's lying, Oz would never have friends this old that he didn't know of. He's always by his side, he should know this!!]
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[But to say that he can predict what Oz does at times...]
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[He'd definitely get the cat treatment if this person was telling the truth, wouldn't he?

.....best to take advantage of this while he's CONFUSED, Vincent.]
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[ oh don't worry, he's descending like a vulture onto the carcass of your self confidence. ]

Come on, then. It isn't far. We'll get you some hot cocoa and a warm blanket.

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[Young Master Oz, Young Master Oz, what should he do...

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[And he takes that hand.]
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[ ... ohohohoho, success. vincent squeezes his hand and leads him off down the path. don't worry he's going to take such good care of you. ♥ ]

My name is Vincent.
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[taking care=/= keeping in a closet.

But yes, walking walking walking, why are your legs so long, man.]

I-I'm Gil, sir. Is the house very far away?
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[ hey not a closet! you'd stay in his room. :3c

don't worry little babby he'll slow down so that you can keep up. ]

No, it isn't; five minutes from here, at most.