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.oo4 // ACTION (backdated to the 28th)

[ .. so anyone nearish to the barrier on the north side of town (and, honestly, anyone within probably a mile radius), please don't be alarmed by the very loud crashing sounds, and spikes of bright blue light flashing against the trees.

that's just barnaby going crazy.

his hundred power is activated, limning his body in a bright blue blaze, and man this kid is seriously tearing out all of the stops on this, all but slamming himself against the impenetrable force field again and again and again. he's kicking out wildly, launching himself into it with the full strength of his hundred power, and of course the barrier stands, unshaken and unmoved. and he knows that there's no point to this, that the barrier will hold and there's nothing that he can do to break it down, but dammit that won't keep him from taking out his frustrations on it. ]


[ he leaps high and slams his shoulder into it again, bouncing back and flipping backward, landing on his feet and sliding back with enough force to kick up the earth and grass beneath the snow -- but then he's at it again, churning up the ground, bouncing back and forth and shouting, low and guttural, through clenched teeth. he's tousled and bruised, scuffed and in a general state of disarray but man he is way too pissed to even care. ]

[ ooc; yeah backdated to .. basically right after this! ]
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[She's been known to do this type of thing herself, this futile effort because there's nothing else too do and letting up is unthinkable. So Sailor Mercury, transformed and in-uniform, sympathizes immediately. Her expression is concerned as she hurries towards the barrier. She comes to a stop several feet away from Barnaby, and speaks softly.]

I think... it's better to stop for now. [He could hurt himself at this rate.]

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It's alright; I came unexpectedly. [Patrols, after all.]

Are you injured? [He was certainly going at it hard enough to be.] Please let me see it if you are; I know first-aid, and healing magic from Nala.
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Angry... Because it seems like it might be useless? [She can definitely understand. All she has to make her of use or importance to anyone is her brain; when she hasn't been able to find solutions here, isn't she letting everyone down?]
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[Mercury's transformation doesn't fade, a large clue that this power is different.]

I can understand that. [Her voice is soft, sympathetic.]

But I don't think it's useless. Even though this barrier will hold, that power and your determination will be needed when we all make other plans, too. And one day, we'll definitely win.
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Actually, I almost wonder if you have the right idea after all. Even though I can look at this barrier, and say hitting it won't do any good and will hurt me, am I really looking for another way, or am I becoming used to being trapped?
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I refuse to. To be able to go back to our world is very important. I'm going to keep working towards making sure of it.

[More truthfully, Usagi getting back to their world so it can be saved is the most important; but she can't say that in this form.]
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[Her face relaxes into a small, relieved smile as Barnaby also seems to relax.]

I think you're right. And I'm willing to help you, if you want.
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[She maintains the senshi identity in this form.]

I'm Sailor Mercury. [Despite a slight stiffness born of shyness, she takes his hand.]
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[She takes a certain amount of pride in that name, Bunny.]

Thank you. I think it will be best if we're able to combine our forces and work together. We'll have more resources at our disposal that way.
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My powers are water-based. [She's also the tactical strategist of the group, but that feels like boasting somehow.]

I also use the sword.
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If it's alright to ask, what about you? The suit you wear certainly seems remarkable by any technology current in my world.
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Amazing! [The look of surprise suits Mercury well.] Could I see it again sometime? Could I study it?
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[She can get tunnel vision sometimes. And it's definitely scientifically interesting.]

What sort of system is it? How does it increase the body's capabilities?
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[Guess who's already having visions of tissue samples to research? At least she seems to realize that'd be going a bit too far; she doesn't ask.]

I see. What are some other abilities you've seen manifest, in other people?
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I wonder what determines how it manifests in each person...

[She can be scary, yes. Luckily, she has compassion to temper it.]
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Is the potential passed on to your children genetically?
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I see. It makes me wonder whether my own powers will be passed down, to be honest. But there's no decisive way to test that, either.
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No; you could say I'm not precisely human to start. My race lived on Earth's moon.
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Honestly. [She understands it can be difficult to believe; in fact, it's only true for Sailor Mercury. If she were here in her civilian form, she couldn't say the same.]

I understand being surprised, though. [She'd been beyond surprised herself, when she first learned about it.]
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[Not... with the proper technology, which the immortal beings of the Moon Kingdom had possessed.]

Very few humans are aware of it in my world. The place we lived is now in ruins.
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Every world probably has its own secrets. There are things from mine that I wasn't aware of, either, until a friend who came here later than I did told me about them.