mindgooshed: (➢ No.)

➣ You will be eaten by coyotes.
➣ Face facts, you are a hilarious drunk.
➣ Tell that person you love them. You know who we're talking about. Wait! No, not him! Stop you fool!
➣ While you were away from home, a stranger showered in your bathroom.


[ yeah so after kicking some spider ass (and saving his partner from certain, unsavory death), barnaby's back out for the day, not wasting any time, and heading off toward the battle dome. it's a decent walk from community housing 1, but hey, he could use a nice relaxing walk after all that. uh. spider action..

too bad he never makes it to the dome. because yeah, those woods all around it? who know they were full of coyotes. ravenous, bloodthirsty, maneating coyotes. and here's barnaby without his powers, because he just wasted them rescuing his partner. so by the time he stumbles out of the woods and onto the path again .. he's kind of in bad shape. you know, bleeding, torn, bruised, bitten, his left arm hanging limp and useless.

today is kind of a bad day. ]


[ maybe it was the spiders. maybe the coyotes. who knows. but barnaby is compelled to drink. and drink. and drink.

so you can find him at any number of bars, complete with bandages and sling, getting drunk and laughing and smiling and generally being goofy and stumbling and being not at all himself. that little voice in the back of his head is pleading with him to stop this madness but it's somehow completely dwarfed by the irresistible urge to just keep drinking. his poor liver.

anyway by sunday night he's. really pretty awful. someone please force him to go home. ]

[ ooc; lmao SO YEAH feel free to stumble upon him any time. after being eaten by wild coyotes, sometime in a bar, or on the street between bars, or wherever. or if you, you know, want to be the stranger in his shower GO FOR IT this is all cool.

also he'll be completely unavailable from sunday night until like .. wednesday. recovering. so unless you beat his door down he'll be pretty much out of commission lmao. ]


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