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Extra canon info for Barnaby

Drama CD 2 Translation: http://www.mediafire.com/?kdknbpkwje881wd

Drama CD 3 Translation: http://www.mediafire.com/?dbnnncg8z54fc52

Drama CD 7 Translation: http://www.mediafire.com/?85s16obvd3bvoqs

- (partially paraphrased) Maverick was affectionate with Barnaby, in his own way. Things like cooking for him and such in private continued for many years.

- Barnaby prefers working with Kotetsu over pursuing romantic affairs

- The elite hero, who in private is a young man with a heart of glass. Normally brimming with easy confidence, Barnaby never shows his weakness to people. But because of how unparalleled he is, even subtle things can wound him, which creates a brittle aspect of his nature. The only people who can ever see it though and with whom he interacts without pretense are his trusted family and his special someone.

~ From Hero Book 2/Hero TV Fan 2

“Violated” by Maverick; temporarily retired from the Hero business, but has made a come-back while keeping the memory of his parents in his heart.

Coming to terms with the 20 year long betrayal of the person he trusted and Samantha’s death will take time. But Barnaby is young, diligent and still has his powers. It is recommended that he looks forward, but doesn’t forget his past at the same time. He will need to be careful about his mental health, though.

Health Check:

NEXT powers present
Physical damage present, but he doesn’t care
Extensive mental damage
Favorable human relationships in the work-place

~ Animedia November 2011

(Post episode 25) Barnaby is slightly tsun (it’s his nature), but they (Kotetsu)understand and trust each other so thoroughly that sometimes words aren’t even needed.

~ PASH! October 2011

48 Hour Schedule (from episode 9):

00:00-02:00 Ouroboros research
02:00-07:00 Sleep
07:00-07:30 Wake up
07:30-08:00 Shower
08:00-08:30 Breakfast at cafe
8:30-9:00 Transporting
09:00-9:30 Arrive to work
9:30-10:00 Desk work and schedule management
10:00-10:30 Interview with a weekly magazine
10:30-11:00 Newspaper interview
11:00-11:30 Transporting
11:30-12:00 Photography session, lunch
12:00-12:30 Oxygen capsule
12:30-13:00 Transporting
13:00-13:30 Arrive to training center
13:30-16:00 Training
16:00-17:00 Interview plus a photography session
17:00-17:30 En route to a TV studio
17:30-18:30 Guest appearance in a TV show
18:30-19:00 Transporting
19:00 Arrive home
21:00-21:30 Bath
21:30-22:00 Check newspapers
22:00-02:00 Talk about past with Tiger
02:00-08:30 Sleep
08:30-09:00 Wake up
09:00-09:30 Agnes visits
09:30-10:30 Search for Pao-Lin
10:30-11:00 Devising a strategy
11:00-11:30 Transporting
11:30-12:00 Standing by
12:00-13:00 Money for hostage exchange
13:00-13:30 Incident resolution, Jake appears in memory
13:30-19:00 Return directly home, search through Ouroboros materials
19:00-19:30 No clues found, puzzled, falls asleep
19:30-23:00 Sleep
23:00-23:30 Wake up, listen to opera
23:30- Continue Ouroboros investigation


Has anything about Wild Tiger changed since you have teamed together?

Not really. But then, that is one of his good points.

If you were to compare Wild Tiger to an animal, which would it be?

A bold question, that. Very well then, I shall answer in kind. A parrot.

Why are calling him “Kotetsu-san” and not “ojisan”?

How do you-!? For one, he is older than me, so adding “-san” seems appropriate. Anyway, next question.

Please tell us about your preferences when it comes to clothing.

I tend to wear my favourite clothes for years, but since you are asking about preferences… I have been wearing my red leather jacket for five years already. I also wear the same belt for a long time and like clothes with many buttons.

Do you use a cologne?

Yes, ocean scent.

Could you tell us about what types do you prefer?

I do not really have any. I have slight trouble getting along with pushy people though.

When was your first crush a what kind of person was it? Has anything come out of it?

Shortly after I entered the Hero Academy, there was one woman that I was aware of. A neat and wonderful person, but since I knew it was thoroughly one-sided, I left it at that and said nothing.

What do you wear when you go to bed?

I cannot say I like the question, but I sleep wearing nothing but underwear.

Is there one particular episode that makes you glad that you have teamed up with Wild Tiger?

Nothing comes to mind straight away, but I can say that ultimately, I am glad we have.

If you were to team up with some Hero who isn’t Wild Tiger, who would it be?
Sky High. Generally speaking, it would be correct to team up with somebody fully dedicated to his work.

What was your first impression of Wild Tiger?

Old. His style was so outdated I could not help but think that.

Is there anything you think other Heroes can’t match you in?

I generally intend to remain unmatched, but I can say I am fairly confident when it comes to my style, arrests and private life.

Which Hero do you get along the best?

If I were to push it… Wild Tiger-san. But you see, we spend a lot of time together as a duo.

What are you into currently?

Incenses, I suppose. I find them very good for relaxation. Until recently, I used to be fussy over indirect lighting.

Please tell us your likes and dislikes when it comes to food.

I like beef stroganoff and cabbage rolls. There is nothing I dislike, I will gladly eat anything.

Is there something about yourself that you think you could improve?

Too much, I believe. I intend to gradually learn from the other Heroes as much as possible.

We know you wear glasses, but how bad is your vision actually?

Quite bad, I suppose. I am extremely near-sighted and the vision acuity is 0.03. I have not had a check-up for some time though, so it might be even worse now.

If you were to have a one-week holiday, what would you do?

Hm, let me think. Travelling abroad could be interesting, but I believe I would just use the time to train.

Why did you pick up Tiger’s scorched sash in episode 8? Do you still have it?

You seem to be informed about extremely delicate things, aren’t you. …I took it with me because otherwise it would have become a piece of trash. That is all. I now keep it in my company’s locker room. It is a talisman.

If you were to change your occupation, what would you like to become?

I believe I am fated to work as a Hero. I admire mechanics though. My parents were robot engineers, and seeing Saitou-san’s work on the suit maintenance is also very cool.

~ From Hero Gossips

- Barnaby wasn’t too happy about the pins; he prefers making memories by spending time together, instead of having mementos.

- From Newtype September 2011

- The “dere” side that could be seen in the second cour is the reaction brought by the tight emotional self-control that Barnaby had maintained until then.

- As far as Nishida is concerned, the fact that his affection was forcibly turned into the same hatred that he felt towards the Ouroboros is even sadder than what Kotetsu experienced when looking into Barnaby’s eyes at that moment.

- Barnaby’s trust is absolute. Within his heart there’s very clear dividing line between the people he can trust and those he can’t.

- Barnaby dislikes associating with people and is fundamentally prone to verbal slips*, but his core disposition is very warm.

~ Animage September 2011

- Barnaby is an eccentric, but considering his history and what he shoulders it's probably inevitable. But Kotetsu truly is deeply attached to everything about him, his weirdness and issues included. [...] Both of them long to be told that they are indispensable for the other

~ From an interview with Katsuhisa Houki and Hiroshi Iwasaki

Q: Barnaby doesn’t really show it, but he’s a character overflowing with emotions, isn’t he?

Morita: Yeah. He’s a character of many faces that change continously – he can be gloomy, and he can be passionate. Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher whether he wants to keep it cool or shows a bit of his passionate side when he speaks, so the role requires a lot of subtle changes in acting. Sometimes, playing him makes me a bit nervous.

Morita: Barnaby’s still a child, when there is something he wants in front of his eyes he won’t avert them. He comes up with a plan that involves Origami sneaking into the enemy base, and thinking about the revenge he cares about nothing else but how to be efficient.

~ Interview with Hirata Hiroaki and Morita Masakazu, Animage September 2011

Official Barnaby Character Songs:




B.T.B. (Natsu no Koi wa Otsukare) | LYRICS | T&B OST (with Kotetsu and Karina)

Credits go to This is Sternbild and /a/ for translations/uploads

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