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➢ Barnaby Brooks Jr. ([personal profile] mindgooshed) wrote2012-04-11 11:20 am

.oo6 // ACTION + VIDEO

[ little kids are just being dropped into luceti all over the place.

this one is dumped near the grocery store. a little blond boy with flippy hair, a schoolboy's outfit, and large green eyes. he has no idea where he is or even what is going on.

but hey, they gave him this book, something like a journal, and barnaby is a bright little genius kid even as a babby so the first thing he does is plop down in front of the building and give it a read. he's a smart cookie so it isn't long before he's able to surmise exactly what this book can do, what it's capable of, what it's for. it takes a little more fiddling for him to figure out how it functions, but soon enough you'll see this cute little kid in your journals okay. ]

Um, excuse me! I'm sorry to be a bother, but I'm not sure where I am.. has anyone seen my parents? Barnaby and Emily Brooks - it's Christmas Eve, I really ought to get back, before they get upset with me..

[ ooc: OKAY GUYS I AM GOING TO WORK i will reply to tags when i get home!! feel free to find him in front of the grocery or answer his video either is fine, also replies will be from the journal [personal profile] babybatman OKAY BE BACK LATER. ♥ ]

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