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Appointments for Luceti

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[Action, 29 December 2011]

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[You wouldn't think Nami knows where you live, Barnaby.

...okay actually, she doesn't. But she knows where Kotetsu lives and he mentioned you both live on the same floor, so it's not going to take her long to knock on a couple doors and either (a) get lucky and find yours by mistake or (b) get redirected there by various neighbours. Either way, early afternoon there's going to be a knock at your door.]
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Just Nami is fine.

[Folding her arms and leaning on your doorframe. Which actually looks more uncertain than anything else. 8|]

How are you?
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[She looks a little taken aback at that. Then she gives him a wan smile.]

I think ...we're sort of in the same boat this week.
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[And she kind of edges through the door. Keeping her distance, because she's aware she's probably treading on boundaries here.]

...I'm sorry. About Kotetsu.
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[...you're one of those kinds, huh. Nami can't really ...fault him for that. She gives him a crooked grin.] Sure. I don't suppose you have anything alcoholic.
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[Well mr. independent can learn to accept empathy >E But Nami's decided to be pretty delicate where Barnaby is concerned. Anyone that kinda flinches when you touch them clearly has their own issues, and she's just not going there. Not for a long time, anyway.]

Wine's perfect! [I even have wine icons.] Man of refined tastes, huh?
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[...that is even her favourite kind of wine, if only for the colour. (Nami's a simple creature, really.) This is an appreciative smile as she sinks down into pretty much the closest chair.] Did you pick that up from the bar or the grocery?

[She does have a point, but she's wondering if she should talk about it here. So for now, small talk.]
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[...holy shit, Barnaby. Her eyebrows are going up. That's classy.]

You're...pretty well off at home, huh.

[Are you single]
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[S'okay, he's not the first person to serve her champagne in a bucket. Memories of the last time make her smile a bit wistfully, though.]

Everything being free here kind of takes all the fun out of it, doesn't it? [It's a light question, but her eyes are watchful.]
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Can't blame you on that score. Money's a big priority for me back home. [Deliberately blunt on this point.] In a place like Luceti, I've found more important things to think about.

[She's halfway through her glass already.]
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Part of it's their Shifting technology. [Which okay, would take a lot of effort to begin with, but...] I suppose if a villager can build a teleporter, the Malnosso can do it pretty easily. They're just pulling in stuff that already exists from other worlds. With exception of the food.
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We're not. There's villages like this all over ...wherever this world is. You'll run into other people if you do one of their missions.
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[In this case, alas...]

Nope. I've just talked at length with someone who has. [Sssip.]

I signed up yesterday, though.
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