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➢ Barnaby Brooks Jr. ([personal profile] mindgooshed) wrote2012-01-02 11:41 pm

.oo4 // ACTION (backdated to the 28th)

[ .. so anyone nearish to the barrier on the north side of town (and, honestly, anyone within probably a mile radius), please don't be alarmed by the very loud crashing sounds, and spikes of bright blue light flashing against the trees.

that's just barnaby going crazy.

his hundred power is activated, limning his body in a bright blue blaze, and man this kid is seriously tearing out all of the stops on this, all but slamming himself against the impenetrable force field again and again and again. he's kicking out wildly, launching himself into it with the full strength of his hundred power, and of course the barrier stands, unshaken and unmoved. and he knows that there's no point to this, that the barrier will hold and there's nothing that he can do to break it down, but dammit that won't keep him from taking out his frustrations on it. ]


[ he leaps high and slams his shoulder into it again, bouncing back and flipping backward, landing on his feet and sliding back with enough force to kick up the earth and grass beneath the snow -- but then he's at it again, churning up the ground, bouncing back and forth and shouting, low and guttural, through clenched teeth. he's tousled and bruised, scuffed and in a general state of disarray but man he is way too pissed to even care. ]

[ ooc; yeah backdated to .. basically right after this! ]

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